Samsung reveals a smartphone with a roll-up screen on its website

The company has launched a new website listing the qualities of OLED displays, but they may have hinted at a new device.


Samsung is trying hard with its foldable phones. Right now the company’s offering includes the foldable-style Galaxy Z Flip series and the Galaxy Z Fold tablet.


Despite its existence, the company continues to promote OLED screens. The brand uses them for televisions, mobiles and tablets, using this technology to create flexible or folding monitors. Although they have also taken the opportunity to show a type of roll-up screen patterjack.


On the web you can see different possibilities of its advances and among all of them there is one called Rollable Flex . As can be seen in the image below, it would be a screen that could be deployed from one end where it would be rolled up.

While folding screens can use a hinge mechanism to be more compact (although they expand their thickness) this new type of screen allows the device to maintain its thickness whether the monitor is unfolded or not.


It would be one more step on the path that Samsung has been creating with OLED technology. This type of rolling technology would be very useful in mobile telephony , since the device would occupy very little in its basic state, but it would allow us to have a wide screen whenever we want.


It wouldn’t be the first roll-up phone out there. Other brands already have mobiles with this capacity , although the mechanism is different from the one in the image, as with the OPPO X 2021. LG is also working on this technology and it seems that it will be the way forward for all companies. Samsung has not confirmed any plans in this regard , although a patent was already leaked a few months ago in which there was talk of a brand device with that feature.


Looking at the bet they have made for folding phones and tablets, it seems that the most obvious step is to head towards the rollable function.

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