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Most sun panels installed on      https://www.solartex.co/         homes or corporations today are among 250 to 365 watts per panel, and sun panels above and underneath that range are also available. In order to determine if 350W solar panels are proper for you, it’s miles essential to apprehend what the alternatives are and what sort of energy 350W panels produce.

List of 350-watt solar panels
Many producers make 350W solar panels. Below is a listing of 350W panels, each listed with their efficiency and the corporation that produces them. Some producers make multiple 350W panel version, but simplest one version per corporation is indexed under.

List of 350-watt solar panels
Axitec AC-350M/156-72S 17.Nine
Canadian Solar CS6U-350P 18
Hansol HS-350-TD-AN3 17.55
Hanwha Q CELLS Q.PLUS L-G4.2 350 17.6
Heliene HEE350M 18.3
Hyundai HiS-S350RI 17.Nine
Itek Energy IT-350SE 17.54
JinkoSolar JKM350M-72-V 18.01
JinkoSolar JKM350M-72(Plus) 18.01
LG LG350Q1C-A5 20.3
LG LG355S2W-A5 17.1
LG LG350Q1K-A5 20.3
Peimar Group SG350M 18
Peimar Group SG350M(FB) 18
Phono Solar PS350M-24/T 18.04
REC Solar REC350TP2S 72 17.Four
Recom Solar RCM-350-6MA 17.9
S-Energy SN350M-10 17.95
Silfab SLG-X-350 White 18
Silfab SLG-350M 17.Nine
Silfab SLG-X-350M Bifacial 17.95
Solaria PowerXT-350R-PD 19.Four
Solaria PowerXT-350R-AC 19.Four
Solaria PowerXT-350R-BD 19.Four
SolarWorld Sunmodule SW350 XL Mono 17.54
SunPower SPR-X21-350-BLK-D-AC 21.Five
SunPower SPR-P17-350-COM 17
Upsolar UP-M350M 18
How many 350-watt solar panels do you need?
A unmarried 350W solar panel is rated to provide 350 watts of strength, however the real electricity output you notice from your panels relies upon on many elements, together with geographic area, shading, and the lean of your panels.

The wide variety of solar panels you’ll install depends on the quantity of energy you need to generate and the distance to be had for solar panels. The desk underneath compares extraordinary sized sun panel systems with the aid of the wide variety of 350W sun panels needed for every device length. In a few instances, the variety of 350W panels is rounded to the nearest panel.

How many 350-watt sun panels do you need? System size comparison desk
2 kW 2,820 6
5 kW 7,050 14
6 kW 8,460 17
7 kW nine,870 20
*Number of panels wished rounded to the nearest panel, and assumes a manufacturing ration of 1.Forty one
Using six 350W solar panels will produce roughly three,000 kilowatts hours (kWh) of power, that’s considerably underneath how an awful lot energy a general single-family household uses. Installing 17 panels for a 6 kW system will produce enough power to significantly offset or get rid of your electric powered bill with sun.

How a good deal space will a sun energy gadget the usage of 350W panels take in your roof or property? The desk underneath demonstrates estimates for solar power systems the usage of handiest 350W solar panels. For the motive of calculating expected area wished, we assumed that 350W solar panels are, on average, sixteen.Five square toes (5.5’ through 3’).

How an awful lot space will a sun set up with 350-watt sun panels take?
2 kW 6 99
5 kW 14 231
6 kW 17 281
7 kW 20 330
*Number of panels rounded to the closest panel, and area wished rounded to the closest foot
350W sun panels are around widespread in terms of area performance to your roof, and a standard roof of a single-family home will probable have enough area for the wide variety of panels needed to noticeably offset strength charges. If you have got a small roof or a roof you don’t need to be protected with sun panels, recall a floor-set up solar gadget.

Are 350-watt solar panels right to your solar set up?

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