Search Engine Optimization – What is the Need For Search Engine Ranking?

Ever since the Internet was launched commercially in 1988, the World Wide Web has been inundated with billions of websites being launched. A majority of Internet users rely on Google, the worlds foremost Search Engine, when looking for information, products, research, etc. Google lists the sites in Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) according to the keyword/phrase that the user enters in the search box. The listings in the SERPs are from websites listed in the Google database. Google does not list the sites arbitrarily, and there is a method to this madness of Search Engine Ranking. Ranking for a website in SERPs is achieved with proper Search Engine Optimization. It does not help a business if the website is listed on the nth page of SERPs as searchers normally find what they are looking for in the first three pages of listing, or abandon the search after a few pages. Therefore it is essential for a website and business to be ranked and listed in the first three pages for keywords/phrases related to their websites and which searchers use.

Every website owner dearly wants their site listed on the first page of Google Search results and even aspires to be number one in the SERPs for particular keywords/phrases that are searched, or presume to be searched by users. But it is not possible for every one of the millions of sites that are listed in Search Engine results for a keyword/phrase to be listed on the first page or for every site to be number one. It is possible, however, to optimize a website according to Search Engine Optimization guidelines, principles, and Google guidelines, and achieve Search Engine Ranking for a website for particular keywords/phrases that are used in searches. Keyword Research for search terms is the first crucial and essential step towards optimization. It is useless to optimize a website for keywords/phrases that are not used by searchers or are searched very sparingly.

It is important to understand that ranking for keywords/phrases and listing in SERPs on the first page or at number one position cannot be achieved in a day, a week or a month, and requires continuous and regular SEO to achieve and maintain Search Engine Ranking. Ranking depends on the website design, keywords, competing websites, PageRank of the website and competing websites, number of back links, On-Page Optimization parameters, page content, and many other essential parameters. It is also essential to understand that Google uses a complex algorithm to rank individual pages, and not whole websites in SERPs, and considers millions of parameters for a web page. Only Google knows what those parameters are exactly, but Search Engine Optimization Experts and Specialists are aware of many of these parameters through years of analysis and use of Optimization techniques, and can rank a web page, or many pages of a website for keywords/phrases.

Some of the parameters to achieve Search Engine Ranking are keyword research, On-Page Optimization of website pages with keywords/phrases, page content optimization with keywords/phrases, and Off-Page Optimization with link building. Link building or acquiring Back Links is very important for your web pages. Back Links to your website pages from web pages with content related to your web page, or even from sites with unrelated content, but with high PageRank, is beneficial. But care has to be taken to ensure that these Back Links from pages with unrelated content are not from “Bad Neighborhood” sites like gambling, casinos, online pharmacies, or sex and porn related sites. The Quality of the Back Link is more important than the Quantity of the Back Links. It is just like having a few good friends instead of a hundred or a thousand casual acquaintances, or not so loyal friends, or friends with a bad background. After all, your reputation and stature in society depends on the company you keep. The same principle applies to your website in Search Engine Optimization.


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