Four Steps to Raise Your Credit Score and Improve

If you have recently been denied a loan or credit card and need to raise your credit score quickly in order to get approved you are basically limited to two choices. Those choices are sit on your hands and do nothing or take action and perform credit repair and get the loan. The fastest way to increase credit score is to perform credit repair. This process will help eliminate any false and negative information that is keeping your score low and loan approval out of reach.

Many people start this process by hiring a credit repair company to do the clean up for them. Although there is nothing wrong with hiring a company to provide you with this service,you may want to consider increasing your credit score yourself. By doing the process yourself you are ensured that it will be done in the fastest way possible and have 100% dedication and effort behind it. This is unlike many credit companies who drag the process out in order to make more money and generally offer no significant guarantee their services will work as advertised.

Although doing it credit report repair yourself sounds great and many people are eager to start as soon as they hear the  thecreditrepairblueprint  idea you need to first be aware of the procedures involved. This is where a self credit repair kit makes all the difference. For about what most credit repair companies charge for one month of service you can get a complete kit that will provide you with the same methods the paid services use. These kits can be purchased from many online sources and loaded right onto you computer. When shopping for a kit to help you increase your credit score fast always make sure it has a detailed plan and instructions for you to follow as well as other tools you can put to use to raise your credit score as quick as possible.

Although there are many ways to quickly increase a credit score,a good self credit repair kit will speed the process up tremendously.

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Do you know what your credit score is? Did you know that some insurance company’s determine your insurance part of your premium by your credit score? Did you know that some employers determine the ability for an individual to drive a company vehicle by their credit score? These are just a couple things that can affect you because of poor credit.

There are several things that you can do to improve your credit score, but let just touch on a few of them.

One of the first things you should do is obtain a copy of your credit report

Your credit report contains all of your credit history and most importantly your credit score. You can obtain a copy of your credit report through several online sources, TV advertisements or through one of the three credit bureaus. You need to watch out for the FREE credit reports, because they may send you your credit report, but in some cases you will not get your credit score which is what you need. There is a statistic that I have read that says over 70% of credit reports contain some errors. That would concern me regardless of my credit score.

Learn how to deal with your dept

Most people really can’t account for large portion of their weekly pay check. Can you say you know where all your money is going? I know I couldn’t. So, if this is a problem area then your spending would have to be controlled before you can even start thinking about fixing your credit. There are many systems out there that can help show you where you spend your money. I recently purchased a program where I chart every dime I spend and throughout the month I can analyze how much I’m spending and where it’s going. This helps me determine where I can need to cut my spending.

Once you have your spending under control you need to face your dept, start contacting the creditors and negotiating new terms with them so you can start to pay off your dept.

Discover the methods used to build your credit

There are several things you can do; one is to simply apply for a credit card. This time don’t spend much on it, make your payments on time and leave a small balance to help build your credit. This card will probably have a higher interest rate. Also make sure you can get this card in your name, if you are turned down this will give you negative feedback on your credit report. If you have to, get a joint account, as long as your name is on the account then you will start to build credit.

These are just some examples of the steps you would need to do to start to rebuild your credit; of course there are detailed books on how to repair you credit score written by individuals who have experience with credit repair. These books are not expensive and packed with valuable detailed information. A book that I have found that was full of good information was written by Chris Brisson, 37 Days to Clean Credit.

Learn how to improve you credit score with 37 Days to Clean Credit, written by Chris Brisson. Chris’ expertise in credit repair can guide you to a better financial life.


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