Many new wheelchair-accessible

Although many new wheelchair-accessible vans and cars are equipped with low floor technology, making wheelchair lifts seem almost obsolete, wheelchair lifts remain an essential Passenger Lifts component of a significant proportion of accessibility conversions. A well designed, constructed and installed lift for wheelchair can make all the difference to a vehicle conversion and the driving experience for mobility challenged passengers, by streamlining the process of entering the vehicle. Although DIY installations of ramps or hoists may seem to be a more economical option when choosing an accessible vehicle, there are many reasons to choose a professionally installed electric wheelchair lift.

Expertise in Heavy vehicles: The majority of wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions are made on medium to heavy class vehicles, which present unique structural challenges and parameters. A professional in vehicle conversions and wheelchair lift installations will understand these limitations and the framework for adaptations that can be conducted on heavy or large vehicles. This includes knowledge of a practical distribution of weight across the vehicle and of where and how additional entry points can be made in the vehicle.

Knowledge of Lift Options: There are many options available when planning an accessible vehicle conversion, because the needs of mobility challenged people are incredibly varied and individual. A professional installer will be able to guide you through the many choices available, whether it be a wheelchair lift, hoist or ramp, to find a solution that best suits your personal accessibility needs and that will retain the functionality and integrity of your vehicle.

Creation of Access Doors: In many cases, it is not possible to install a wheelchair lift to fit the existing doors of a vehicle, particularly in buses and coaches. Amateur attempts to create new access doors can result in serious damage to the vehicle. A professional, however, will be able to work with you to find the best point of entry to the vehicle by wheelchair bound passengers, whether that be from the rear or side, and install new doors and lifts accordingly.

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