Africa’s Hope For A Better Future

Africa has the highest rate of third world countries as of today. Most African countries remain desolate, war stricken and attached from the world. The world has come to believe that Africa is a very dark continent with barbarisms and negativities. Though most of the world’s ideologies about Africa are false in a significant part of the continent, Africa is still poor as is believed in the world.

Africa has attained its poor status because of a majority of reasons. Countless corrupt and tyrant leaders have managed to misuse and abuse the rich abundance of Africa’s natural resources. Resources that could have been used to create a solid and better future have been squandered on personal desires. Most of the produce of these resources have also been sold illegally and off records by the leaders.

Countless wars have also disrupted Africa in its quest for attainment of a better future. Africans instead of coming together for the continents common goal rather fight among themselves to attain seats of power. These wars remain ageless because they normally involve tribes and as long as a tribe is not totally annihilated there remains bad blood among them and the least provocation starts the war all over again. Wars tend to hinder foreign and local investments and deplete the rich abundance of the continents resources.

Most of Africa countries also place minimal value on educating its people. Education is normally deemed as the key to the future. Education provides knowledge that can be used to effectively compete with the rest of the world and also create wealth. Most Africans however remain uneducated and thus making a majority of its people less productive.

The final reason I will give is one that is adversely affecting African countries. In most of the better developed African nations where education is key there is still a constricted area or field of education for its people. Most nations refrain from developing the educational curriculum to fit the growing trends in the world. Their curriculum still features basic skills that were highly relevant a couple of years ago. After passing through the education system all literates have to scramble for the same jobs because they have all been trained for the same tasks. This creates high unemployment rates, unrest and unease among the people.

Most of the outside world has come to believe in a world where people have a genuine say in how its nations are run. Tyranny and corruptibility are minimized as much as possible. There is a better accountability and open forum where the average person can review the work of the government bringing corruptibility and personals gains to a minimum. Africa must seek to make their governments as open as possible especially in national ventures.

The outside world also enjoys political stability making their economies rich for investment. Plans for developments are also made for the future instead of plans of war. There is an ease and peace for their citizens allowing them to undertake ventures for their improvements. Africa must learn that unless they put the countless wars behind them and work together for their future they might wake up tomorrow and realize they are so far behind that will become slaves again and work together to serve their new masters.

Education is the backbone of every nation. Without education there is no desire and direction for a nation. Unless Africa places the highest importance on education their nations will forever be poor. A maximum effort and resource must be place on educating its people. I say this because though most outside countries possess minimal natural resources they are still better off and seemingly make better profit of African resources than the African nations themselves because of their previous high focus on education.

The outside world today is also known for a lot of sectors that have been developed to shape their future. The technological abilities of the world is extremely developed whereas most African countries are now branching into it knowing very well that that is the future of the world. Areas like animations, instrument playing and vocational skills could be instilled in the basic African’s education providing him a chance of been sufficient and a having a basis of earning a livelihood independently when scrambling for jobs brings no success.


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